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UNC requires that you have no less than 1 counselor/staff per 15-20 participants under the age of 18. Prior to the first day of arrival the group will have completed UNC’s online background check information form stating that all background checks have been completed for adults working with youth under the age of 18. Please click here for more information and to access the form. (Note: The link is updated every year. If the link has not been updated from last year, then the new registration form is not yet available through the University).

It is the responsibility of the group that all staff and/or volunteers working with the group have completed a background check within the past year via the following methods:

  • UNC-CH Departments that sponsor a Residential Program must use the standard background check process operated by the University’s Office of Human Resources (OHR) to satisfy the background check requirement for any current University employees, students, or volunteers.  The University’s newly revised Background Check Form includes a specific category for checks related to protection of minors.
  • Programs operated by an outside third party using University facilities will satisfy this background requirement using a qualified background check vendor of their own selection that is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. The University does not conduct nor take responsibility for background checks for third-party entities or organizations. However, if the outside entity does not otherwise have an arrangement in place with an outside background check vendor, OHR has arranged for referral to the University’s background check vendor (Castle Branch), which can provide information on available services. As a courtesy to the University, Castle Branch has agreed to conduct background checks to satisfy the University’s Residential Programs requirement. Interested parties may call Castle Branch/ at 888-666-7788 (extension) or send an email to and reference background check package code UF32.
  • Regardless of the source of the background check, any such check must include the following elements:
    • nationwide federal courts criminal convictions;
    • national sex offender registry;
    • criminal convictions in all states and counties where a staff member has previously lived or worked;
    • a residential history check to confirm that a program staff member has truthfully disclosed all prior cities and counties of residence
    • if the program staff member’s responsibilities include transporting minors participating in the residential program, a mandatory driver’s license check.