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If the Group cancels the contract fewer than thirty (30) days before the date the conference is scheduled to begin, the Group agrees to pay 10% of the estimated total amount due, or one night’s fee per reserved room (whichever is greater).

The University will give prompt notice to the Client of inability to provide any of the services specified in the Summer Conference Operations Contract. If the University cancels the contract before the date the conference is scheduled to begin, it will refund any amounts received from the Group. This is the Group’s sole remedy. After such payment, neither party will have any further obligation to the other. If the University must cancel the contract after the conference has begun, the Group will be responsible only for the actual charges incurred on its behalf to the date of cancellation, and the University will refund any excess of this amount received from the Group.

The Group requests the services and facilities indicated in this agreement and will compensate the University in accordance with the terms of this contract. The Conference Operations Agreement covers regular housing arrangements and, if requested, dining, parking and meeting space. The Group should negotiate additional services, including but not limited to transportation, catering and athletic facilities separately. The Client acknowledges the receipt and review of the Summer Conference Operations Handbook and with his/her signature has agreed to comply with the conditions contained in the contract.

It is understood and agreed as a condition of the Conference Operations Contract that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and all its officers, employees, and agents assume no responsibility for any and all liability, claims, or expenses of any kind by reason of personal and/or property injury caused by negligence in the use of University facilities by the Client.